- Our story so far

How it all started…

In 1996, our personality assessment tool was created by Keith and Joy Henderson to initially support marriage counseling in South Africa. They understood people’s differences and knew that by embracing and understanding your own potential it brought people closer together. Being unable to find an assessment tool which identified these unique and individual qualities in people, they set about to develop their own.

Originally branded as ‘Gift Identification’ their assessment and personal feedback was soon finding its way out of just marriage counselling and into boardrooms, schools, retail outlets and even world famous rugby fields! Helping people understand their diversity, turned out to be so effective entire teams, organisations and institutions were being transformed.


i3 journey...

In 2009, Keith and Joy joined up with their son Grant to rebrand the business for the UK Learning & Development market, coming up with a name which represented what they measure; individual, instinctive, indicators, hence i3! They developed an IT platform which facilitates the assessments online and a training course for new i3 profilers was written.  Very soon the benefits of i3 became accessible to millions of people all over the world. 

In 2012, Grant formed a working partnership with Susanne Brown, a local recruitment and employability professional, to spear head the development of i3 recruit.  Taking guidance from a steering group of local employers, in 2013 our automated personality assessment tool was launched offering employers objective one page reports linked to job roles and potential candidates.

i3 today...

‘Talent management’ is the word which has been gaining greater importance in the corporate world, over the past few years.  Using the support of our groundbreaking personality assessment tool our expertise has now led us to providing practical tools, data and development support, enabling organisations to start planning their workforces more effectively and releasing their potential as individuals. Recent projects have included – 

  • Developing more effective recruitment strategies/procedures
  • Delivering induction and on-boarding advice/training
  • Supporting succession plans
  • Training and coaching management teams
  • Identifying leadership talent to be released through coaching
  • Delivering recruiter training
  • Talent management seminars
  • Implementation and training of development reviews and appraisals
  • Career coaching and outplacement support

By the end of 2014, over 22,000 people have received an i3 assessment and benefited from some form of personal feedback.  That number continues to grow, as more and more people and organisations discover that what makes people unique is the most powerful thing about them.

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