What is an i3 profile?

The i3 profile identifies people’s individual instinctive indicators (there are 7 of them), ranking them from your most to least dominant. The order of your indicators and their dominance is unique to every person on the planet. Written, diagrammatic and verbal feedback is then given to you to explain what it all means. (An i3 profile can be used for personal development, career advice, management, leadership coaching and much more.)
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Who can receive an i3 profile?

Anyone who is looking to gain greater self awareness and develop themselves further can receive an i3 profile and will benefit from doing so.

How can I receive an i3 profile?

You request the type of feedback you wish to receive (face to face, telephone or web based) and pay the appropriate price. We will send you a link with your unique login details. You follow the link to the i3 profile website and enter in your login details. You will then complete the online assessment, which should take 15 to 20 minutes. Your results are sent back to an appropriate i3 profiler and they will arrange a suitable time for your feedback session.

What is i3 dynamix?

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Who can receive the i3 dynamix feedback?

Whether your team has 2 or 20 people, an i3 dynamix session will benefit the team. It enables you to look at how the individuals in the team relate to others. This makes each team member more aware of why and how people in the team react the way they do to different situations. This increases social awareness and team productivity and acceptance are often the greatest beneficiaries. In our experience anyone over 16, and who has reached a minimum of a primary school education, can benefit. This doesn't detract from the fact that thousands of people with tertiary degrees have found the profile to be equally life changing.

How can my team receive the i3 dynamix session?

Simply follow this link to purchase a dynamix session for teams of up to 10 people. Click Here.

Should you require i3 dynamix for teams with more than 10 people please contact us with your requirements and we will arrange for a bespoke quotation.

What size of company does this work with?

The i3 profiling system has been delivered to sole traders, SME's, national and international organisations. The core of i3 profiling is about helping people to reflect on and celebrate their diversity or uniqueness and this would benefit most companies.

How much does it cost to have an i3 profile or an i3 dynamix session?

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What is an i3 profiler?

To ensure that each person is given accurate professional feedback, the person delivering the feedback has to be an accredited i3 profiler. This means having to attend a 2 day training course to ensure they understand how to utilise the results to release people’s true potential.

Who can become an i3 member?

There are two distinct types of people who become i3 profilers:

Independent consultants or coaches:

  • People that work independently as a consultant, trainer or coach will be able to attend the course and use the i3 profiling system with their clients.

Internal corporate profilers:

  • Organisations can arrange for a number of their key staff involved in management and people development, to attend the course and become i3 profilers. They will then be able to use the i3 profile system with their own staff and prospective employees in their organisation.

How do I become an i3 profiler?

To become an i3 profiler you need to register for and attend the i3 profilers course. The course is run over 2 days and trains you in how to deliver individual i3 profiles.

The course is comprehensive and covers the following:

  • i3 profile, the history
  • Indicators – in depth definitions and understanding
  • Productive environment
  • Feedback delivery – to individuals
  • Applications for the i3 profile
  • Lead generation
  • Support and IT Administration

Courses are currently run in the UK and South Africa. To view the next available course and make a booking just follow the link.

Where are the i3 members courses held?

Courses are currently run in the UK and South Africa. To view the next available course where you are and to make a booking just follow the link.

How much does it cost to become an i3 profiler?

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What is the i3 sustain product?

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What is i3 recruit for?

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