Coaches identity crisis?

I recently attended a coaching workshop run by Coachpreneuers in London. The topic of the evening was “Define your niche: Become the talked about coach who gets results”. It was a small group and all of the coaches from different backgrounds and at different stages of our respective careers got to share experiences and ideas on the concept of niche coaching.

Without doubt, the better you can define what you do or offer, the greater the opportunity your potential audience will at the very least, be interested in you. The topic of conversation that I found most interesting however, had less to do about the pros and cons of niche definition and more to do with the actual lack of love affair with the term coach. People shared how at times they find themselves trying to avoid actually saying, “I am a coach” or “life coach”. You see there is a certain stigma attached to the term simply because there are just so many coaches and types of coach out there. With there being no formal regulation of coaching there are also plenty of dare I say it, bad coaches out there not offering value.

So we could conclude from our discussions that to simply identify yourself as a coach could well be on the way out. This is clearly open for debate but what is a fact is that your average person will have greatly differing opinions of what a coach is given the vast array on offer.

If you are a coach of some sort there could be benefit in looking to define what it is you actually do without even using the term coach. There are plenty of alternatives like advisor, expert, partner and many more that might just more accurately describe what it is you do. This may also give you more confidence in actually telling people what it is you do and in turn get a better response.

My honest advice on this is to simplify. Rather than getting yourself in a twist over all the potential ways of describing your coaching business, try to ask yourself, “what is it that makes me more REAL?” Now bear with me on this. We chase after a gap in the market or the next big idea often without first and foremost identifying what it is we each have that is truly unique. Those things have to come from our natural make-up, what you were born with and then developed through experience. So in short I am talking about your individual strengths, the things that when you do them give you a buzz and just come so naturally. If you can use these as the foundation to your offering, deliver your strengths daily to your customer base, you might just be defining your niche and “coaching” up a storm but most importantly, you will be being REAL. Authenticity is what people need, full stop!

So as I have said many times before, coaches, let’s get REAL and stop creating complexity. There is a huge need in this world both in business and life in general for people to grow alongside a “trusted advisor/growth expert/relationship scientist!” Let’s just make sure that we are delivering with integrity, high levels of self-awareness and bucket loads of self-confidence.

If you are a coach looking to identify exactly what it is that you have instinctively, then you need to get in touch and we can help.

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