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How to get i3 profiled

The i3 profile is a tool that was developed to identify people’s individual instinctive indicators, thus i3! Delivered manually to over 18,000 people worldwide, the assessment is now carried out online and takes 15 – 20 minutes, making it more accessible to millions of people worldwide.

Because no two people are alike, no two i3 profiles will be alike. This is why it is important that each profile is professionally and individually assessed by an accredited i3 profiler.

For the price listed below you can enjoy the benefit of accurate, comprehensive feedback, delivered from the best in the business.

The i3 process

1. Book and pay for the product of your choice
2. Receive login/s
3. Complete online assessment/s (15-20 mins)
4. Receive feedback from accredited i3 profiler/s  

Register below to create your own profile and receive an in depth, professional assessment that’s all about you – and how to maximise your unique potential. Whether feedback is face to face, telephone or via web link will depend on both your own location and the location of available profilers.

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    Venue: Anywhere, Anywhere

    Book your i3 profile today and an accredited i3 profiler will contact you to arrange your feedback session.

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