“Susanne was extremely helpful in providing me outplacement support earlier in the year. Although I had an overall view of where I wanted to go, Susanne helped me to find my true me and provide me with the confidence and knowledge to help me to define the exact role that would suit my abilities.”  

Julia Watts, Executive PA, Aesica Pharmaceuticals

“Susanne was recommended to me, it was brilliant to be able to speak to someone out loud and to be honest with myself. I knew from then that I had to do something to help myself and i3 was it. From my coaching session and i3 profile what I learnt about the true me was invaluable, I also learnt that I have to work on inner self and let people see the real me. I am more aware of the right job for me and the right environment I need to work in.”  

Carole Heywood, Careers Adviser

"I would like to recommend Susanne for her professional manner and the invaluable advice given to me as outplacement support whilst preparing for my pending redundancy."

Steve Baker, Director, Aesica Pharmaceuticals

“i3 profiling produced an in depth profile of each of our permanent staff which has been incredibly useful in helping to gel teams together. We have been so impressed that we have decided to continue to use this service on an ongoing basis.”

Rory Windham, Operations Director, 1st Storage Centre

“Our people thoroughly enjoyed i3 profiling and were so inspired about their own uniqueness and ability that we had our best sales month ever – it truly works!”

Peter Mountford, MD Libmount Insurance Brokers, Liberty Group

“The i3 profiling principles of utilising player’s natural strengths and weaknesses within a coaching and training programme are an extremely exciting and productive team building tool.”

Diana Van Zyl, Headmistress, Herschel Girls High

“i3 profiling really inspired me to set goals and achieve them in life. Before the profile I felt confused and hopeless, I felt useless because I didn’t know what to do with my life. You gave me the gateway to life and I now aim high and know I can achieve all my goals.”

Portia Mnyanda, Student

"One of the biggest compliments I have received while consulting for a company, was from a man whose working conditions were adjusted to suit his profile.  After we changed his job description and reporting lines he came to me and said, God bless you – you changed my life.  What better proof that i3 can truly be life-changing?"

Annemarie Cilliers, Productivity Consultant

"Most of us know that we are unique and that no one of us is alike. However sometimes we forget this as we get bogged down with the smaller things in life and we forget what makes us incredibly special as an individual. i3 profiling enables each one of us to remember and align ourselves with who we really are. To continuously become the best versions of ourselves, be it with regards to our health, our business, our work or our private life. i3 propels us into this realm of possibilities firstly with an i3 profile and then continuing into other i3 tools. The shift in my business and executive clients is nothing short of incredible as they begin to integrate the i3 tools into their lives.”

Chi-Chi Muzariri, The Coaching Space, International Consultant and Master Coach

"We like it a lot because not only have we been able to debrief individually, but also we have been able to debrief with the team and I think this is part of the uniqueness of the tool, you can put this in front of everyone and talk about it in front of everyone, which reinforces the whole message you give at times... We've been very very impressed with it, it's a simple yet incredibly effective tool."

Phil Sampson, Owner/Director, Sampson Hall

“Susanne was extremely helpful in providing me outplacement support earlier in the year.  Although I had an overall view of where I wanted to go, Susanne helped me to find my true me and provide me with the confidence and knowledge to help me to define the exact role that would suit my abilities.”  

Julia Watts, Executive PA, Aesica Pharmaceuticals

“In today’s world, and especially in South Africa with its cultural differences and demographics, we tend to subconsciously compartmentalize and isolate each other. In an environment where we rely on teamwork for success, this isolation is disastrous to our business. Through i3 profiling, I (and I’m sure all my staff) learnt that our individuality is our greatest agent of power. By embracing this discovery, we can break down the barriers preventing us from reaching one another. I strongly recommend your course to all businesses and individuals who require more from life than just to exist. Please accept our sincere thanks.”

Johan Nell, Owner/Manager, Sonstraal Superspar

“The power behind this simple concept is incredible and can be utilized in any business. True teamwork and success in business is about building trust and understanding our strengths and weaknesses. The i3 profiling seminar presented to our partners was extremely enlightening and the value derived will be powerfully utilized within our business.”

Karl Schmidt. Senior Partner Deloitte & Touche

“I am so grateful for what you have given me. I never knew what my talents and gifts were and I always thought that I would never get anywhere in life because of my low self esteem and low self-confidence. I now know that I am capable of doing anything I want to and that being me is the most important gift I could give anybody. You have given me a reason to keep on dreaming.”

Chanray Adams, Student,

“The most exciting thing that has happened to me! After the career assessment morning, I know exactly what I want to do in life and can’t wait to do it.”

Sarah Meaker, Grade 11 pupil

“In February 2010 i3 profiling was carried out at Blu Sky. i3 profiling has provided all of the team with clarification of their individual working style and how they fit with the overall Blu Sky team structure. Following the close out meeting several key actions have been added to the overall strategy of the business. Big thank you to i3 profiling for making this project a great experience and one that will benefit our business strategy going forward. Huge value for a very competitive fee!”

Jon Dudgeon, Partner, Blu Sky Accountants

“The phenomenal success of i3 profiling and motivational sessions, prompted us to utilize them on a regular basis. They have built an incredible trust and respect amongst all our staff and our business has prospered substantially.”

Steve Loughton, Chairman, Clarion Printed Products

“You have taught me to believe in myself and now I know I can make a difference where ever I go. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and believing in me.”

Valencia Sauls, Factory Floor Worker

“Thank you for showing us that we are all special and that by using our natural gifts we can all respect and help one another.”

Orelia Hlengiwe Mkhize, Bakery assistant

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