What is i3?

We offer a simple online personality assessment with multiple outputs to support individual development, heighten self-awareness, increase self-confidence, identify talent in the recruitment process, build successful teams and develop potential.

We use the term REAL as with each of our tools you get straight to what is REAL about an individual. So there are no masks and guess work, you get to be REAL with whoever you work with and see below the surface. So you can be REAL with people and develop REAL talent, REAL confidence, REAL leadership, REAL teams & REAL success as a REAL coach.

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What is different about i3?

There are a few clear differences that stands i3 apart from many other assessment tools:

  • No two i3 profiles (the results generated from the assessment) are the same. We believe in identifying what makes a person unique, building their self awareness, belief and direction from there.  Visual, transparent and engaging focussing on the individual; there is no pigeon holing with i3. 
  • One assessment, multiple output! Rather than have to get people to do different assessments relative to different needs, with an i3 assessment their reports can effectively be embedded throughout any aspect of a talent management strategy. 
  • Cost effective and flexible purchasing options with no license fee, no re accreditation cost and no shelf life.

Who should attend?

  • Coaches and Career Counsellors
  • OD, HR and L&D specialists
  • People and Talent managers
  • Hiring managers
  • Recruiters
  • Training consultants

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What is covered?

The course is comprehensive and held over 4 days. You will cover the following and much more:

  • The history of i3
  • i3 indicators explained - in depth
  • Productive environment – the actual place and space people are comfortable
  • Supporting the recruitment process with i3 recruit - role profiles & candidate reporting
  • Role profiles & candidate reporting
  • Preparing & delivering 1 on 1 i3 profile self awareness/developmental feedback
  • Preparing & delivering i3 dynamix team feedback
  • System administration & support
  • Partnership opportunities

What do you get?

By attending our 4 day accreditation course you can learn how to use and deliver i3 assessments across the multiple outputs below offering a truly cradle to grave assessment and development tool offering integrated solutions in line with your business or client needs.

Identify – use the i3 recruit platform to get an in depth insight on potential candidates, both internal and external, applying for a role. The i3 recruit report is an easy to understand one page report designed specifically for the recruitment process. As well as the candidate report we have created a role assessment which produces a role profile which is used as a guide to measure candidates against your needs. 

Inspire – use the i3 profile platform to help people grow in self-awareness and identify what makes each of us unique. The i3 profile feedback is designed to encourage people to be more of themselves by working to their strengths as well as gaining a new perspective on how to relate to others better. Engage with people quickly and build accelerated trust by being able to see below the surface in people and offer accurate guidance and advice. 

Integrate – use the i3 dynamix tool to deliver highly informative and engaging team workshops. The i3 dynamix report pulls all the individual results together to look at what a team has relative to trends, strengths, gaps and opportunities. The workshop builds greater social awareness and gets people understanding and communicating at a deeper level.


The course is delivered from a beautiful boutique hotel, Jesmond Dene House, Newcastle upon Tyne offering wonderful training facilities, service, destination and excellent food creating a perfect learning environment.  

2018 Dates

Monday 19th - Thursday 22nd February 2018


£1750 + VAT for the full 4 day course including lunch and refreshments each day.

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