Our i3 Vision

To be a leading global business in releasing individuals, teams and businesses to fully utilise peoples’ unique strengths to become more productive and successful.

Our i3 Values

Always being yourself – We believe that everyone is unique and that our differences should be celebrated and our strengths utilised to the fullest. Therefore we don’t do ‘square pegs in round holes’!

Building strong relationships and teams – At i3 we accept others for who they are and that this requires understanding and compromise from both parties. From this belief we build the best teams both within i3 and support our customers to do the same.

Mutual trust and respect – Working for or with i3 you are giving authority. With this comes high levels of trust and respect that is given with the only expectation being that people will be responsible to do what they commit to. We as a business will do the same for our employees and customers as the feeling is mutual.

High productivity – By having the right people in the right places doing what they are suited to, we have a highly productive culture. We believe that if you are working in your areas of strength, you are more productive, fulfilled and achieve objectives in less the time.

Innovative – We encourage people to continually adapt and improve what they do whether it be service, products or delivery. We believe that without consistent innovation, we can easily become stagnant.

Balance – As the core of our business is to value and respect the individual, we encourage each employee to become acutely aware of leading a balanced and healthy lifestyle, integrating both hard work and personal time and space. We work hard and encourage time off relative to good performance, offering additional holiday and flexible working from home where applicable.

Learning – We are passionate about the pursuit of learning and personal development for everyone that works with and for i3. We believe this to be on-going and should never stop throughout one’s life.

Entrepreneurship – Ultimately we are a business and we love it. We believe in win-win partnerships or deals and will be relentless to offer and add value to all that we do. This includes being opportunistic and capitalising on new ideas or concepts which are openly encouraged. We are also not afraid of success and being profitable.

Give back – We have initiatives which involve all i3 employees where we give freely of our time and services to help people and companies in need. We give simply because we want to and not to obtain any benefit in return.

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