Online personality test

Your own I3 profile gives you:

  • Increased self awareness
  • Improved self confidence
  • Personal direction

We are all different and your i3 profile celebrates your uniqueness. No two i3 profiles are ever exactly the same. i3 measures your 7 instinctive indicators and provides you with the perfect starting point to any personal development journey. Your feedback is delivered personally by an accredited i3 profiler. 

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Group feedback and team building

Bring your team to life! Teams are given feedback as a group and differences, strengths and opportunities are discussed. This interactive session helps everyone understand why their team members do what they do and who may be best suited for future tasks and projects.

Individual improvement programmes

This is a powerful programme that puts knowledge into action, taking you through a series of modules with one of our i3 consultants. The modules can be adapted for personal improvement, early management or leadership development.

Accurate and effective business recruitment

Take your recruitment process to the next level, with the i3 recruit tool. Consolidated, insightful assessments on each candidate, as well as a profile of the role you are looking to fill, provide employers with the edge they need in todays competitive market.

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