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How to set up and use an i3 recruit account

i3 Recruit - System User Guide 
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Brief description of the i3 indicators 
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E-mail Campaign:

Personality Profiling: Making a difference to Recruiters!‏
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Using personality assessments to increase permanent revenue!
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Using personality assessments to win more business!
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E Books:

Making the most of your Consultancy Business
Three major areas in which you can extend your practice for personal satisfaction and profit 
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Creating a Lifestyle Consultancy 
How to set up and run a uniquely effective and profitable coaching - at any age, any stage!
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Recently Grant Henderson, CEO i3 profiling Ltd, was interviewed by Trish Brady of Cadenza Associates during a coaching teleseminar.
Listen to the whole call, or parts that you feel apply to you most:

i3 coaching teleseminar (whole call)

What is i3 profiling and where does it come from?

What an i3 profiler has to say about using the tool

What a director says about using i3 in his business

Using i3 in coaching

Grant answering questions on i3

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