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As talent management specialists, i3 offer integrated solutions in line with organisational needs.



We will improve both your internal and external recruitment process with the support of our unique i3 personality assessment tool.  i3 recruit will help you to identify natural ability from your existing employees and potential candidate pool against the specific requirements of each role.  Our experts will provide advice and training to integrate this solution into your recruitment and selection process by up skilling hiring managers to make more effective decisions.


Nobody forgets ‘day one’, ‘week one’ or ‘month one’!  Having too general an induction process which is impersonal can have a lasting negative effect on performance.

Using the data from our i3 assessment, we will help you to develop a personalised induction process which engages new employees with your company values.  By involving the right people we have evidence that individuals will feel valued, perform quicker and are more likely to stay.  Our experts will provide advice and training related to your integration objectives.

Manage & Develop

By using i3 assessment data to identify an employee’s natural ability and potential management traits we can support your succession planning and management development objectives.  To achieve these experts will provide bespoke coaching and training related to leadership and management development.

We can improve or implement a development review and appraisal process which is specifically designed to recognise individual potential and developmental needs. 

We provide team building workshops and training. Through heightened self and social awareness, identified from the i3 assessment process, we can demonstrate to you how to achieve improved communication and productivity.

Career Coaching

Whether it be outplacement due to redundancy or general career guidance our experts will use i3 assessment information to help individuals to clarify direction.  Our step by step process will build self confidence and give individuals clear actions and objectives to help them achieve their career goals. 

We offer personalised coaching sessions which could include advice on CV’s, job search, interviewing, agency management, career choices and social media.

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