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The original i3 personality assessment tool was created to do two things, increase self-awareness and enable stronger relationships (team building). From this base the i3 tools have been continually improved and developed to support people and organisations right from the beginning in providing direction on suitable careers through to allowing full potential to be achieved over a lifetime.

What really makes the i3 assessment tool stand apart from others, is its focus on individuality rather than conformity. This means that every output shows you the potential of an individual rather than how they fit in a box or need to conform. If this methodology is appealing then we have a full suite of profiling tools to support career coaching, recruitment of talent, understanding team dynamics and fully developing individuals. This is talent management that embraces individuality.


Our Clients

We are extremely proud and privileged for i3 tools to have been used by organisations both large and small.


Just one assessment to support career coaching, recruitment of talent, understanding team dynamics and fully developing individuals.

How to get Accredited? Training Options and Course Dates

We have multiple training opportunities and courses from our full hybrid coaching accreditation to short masterclasses and workshops.

i3 Accredited Associates

Over the years we have had the most amazing and inspiring coaches and consultants become trained and fully accredited to deliver the i3 tools.

A must for every person as well as companies or institutions who care and want their staff to further develop their potential, creating a significant impact on profitability.

Brigitte Bysh

Facilitated by i3 Associate Pat Annable.
“Very helpful at both personal and team levels. I would encourage people to go through the session individually and then use it to assess/build strong teams.

Salaun, President

i3 recruit is absolutely incredible and is a clear insight into what makes you (and your candidates) tick. It is your blueprint and DNA. From the training we have a clear understanding of how it works and how we will incorporate it into our business moving forward.

Founding Partner, Marmion Recruitment

“i3 Recruit adds an additional dimension to a recruitment selection process and delivers insights in a succinct and user-friendly format, which are easy to understand and interpret.  I will continue to use the assessment tools of i3 in the future both internally and as an added value offering to my clients and candidates.”

Managing Director, Paul Card Recruitment

Facilitated by i3 Associate Susanne Brown.
As part of a recent management development programme for new aspiring managers, the workshop evaluated by the delegates as the most informative and valued was that delivered using the insight of i3 – understanding how individual personality traits impact management styles left them with greater self-reflection and awareness around how they can be the best manager they can.

Cheryl Lee, Learning & Development

Facilitated by i3 Associate Susanne Brown.
“We have used the insight of i3 throughout our service for team building, self-awareness, development and recruitment from entry point through to our Senior team.  The tool gives us great insight into the people who work in our organisation and highlights that we are all truly different and how this can positively impact on our business.  We have been so impressed by the tool we are now looking to have our own in house team of i3 coaches so we can really understand the key strengths of our workforce, build high performing teams and truly understand the type of person who we naturally attract to work for our organisation and how we can effectively support them in their role to be the best that that they can be.”

Co Durham & Darlington Fire & Rescue Services

Facilitated by i3 Associates Susanne Brown & Beverly Sherratt
“We engaged i3 to support a project embedding the value of the i3 assessment tool for both the intervention of recruitment, individual and team coaching.  The insight provided from the i3 assessment results helped us a small team understand the importance of not only being more self-aware but also to be more aware of each other’s strengths and accepting differences when working collaboratively towards a common goal.  As a group we were able to successfully recruit & integrate a new Leader, develop our own vision and values and restructure roles & responsibilities within the team dynamics aligned to key business needs.   The i3 tool provides us with information we keep referring back to and building upon supporting the ongoing challenges and changes aligned to the strategic direction and wider organisational objectives.”

Sunderland BID

“I found the course to be intensive, yet relaxed and very engaging. I’d recommend i3 Profiling to coaches who are looking for an accurate tool that reaches the heart and mind of their clients, and can be used in organisations to develop both new and existing teams with ease.”

Lynn Conley, Ready2Assist

“Very tailored to my niche, more than expected. Very small group was ideal as we were all able to take part a lot. Very good course, well worth the time out of the business.”

Alex Cooper, Cooper Edwards Recruitment

“We used i3 Profiling at Utilitywise Plc to improve the fit of a new hire to the business and therefore quality and longevity of that hire. An insightful and useful tool. It’s continuing use enabled managers to understand themselves and how best to support each new member of their team. Very much recommended.

Val Medland, Head of Recruitment

“I was first introduced to i3 profiles when I went self-employed almost 4 years ago – I was surprised at how accurately the profile reflected me, I worked with a coaching using my profile earlier this year and was able to get swift insight in to my values, decision making, approach to tasks and relationships and really embrace what I was fabulous at. The information is practical, usable and motivational, I have since become an accredited coach and use this to great effect with my coaching clients. The support I get from the i3 profiling community is amazing and has taken my initial training forward to help me become competent quickly and there is always a helping hand if I need it.”

Charlotte Angus

“I have been using i3 for nearly 2 years now as part of my coaching business. My clients are always impressed at how accurate their profile is. I particularly like that it raises awareness of their natural strengths and how to use this information to develop the individual both personally and professionally.”

Aline Foster

Facilitated by i3 Associate Anth Quinn.
“I found the i3profile to be reassuringly accurate, just having strengths and traits reflected back to me has made me feel much more grounded and although I find I am in the right working environment it’s opened up areas I can work on as I look to do something more creative with my future. Having Anth go through the profile added clarity and context and left me feeling inspired and more aware of how to proceed. His positive unpushy character and varied skill set makes me curious to know more.”

Rachel Greenwood

“Thank you again for a fantastic 4 days, I didn’t want it to end! I can honestly say that it has been the best training course I have ever attended, partly down to the tool itself but a lot of it is also down to the design and delivery of the course. The mixture of information, interaction, activity etc. was spot on and I really feel we were given the best chance to learn as much as we could each day.

Eleanor Whittaker, Training & Apprentice Lead Officer, YHN

As a leadership and executive coach I find that the i3 profile is an effective way to engender trust with leaders and clients in a very short space of time. The profile creates a space of authenticity and open communication. As well as this, the profile empowers and energises individuals through an engaging and interactive process which enables them to move forward with more confidence.

Chitupa Mung'omba, i3 Coach

“Having completed my training in 2017, I have used the i3 personality assessment tool extensively, initially in my own coaching business and subsequently within 2 employers. The first of these organisations is an international technology company. The second, my current employer, is an NHS Mental Health Foundation Trust.

In each example, I have found people have been really positive about i3. Specifically, they like how accurate the results are in terms of their own profiles and how interesting it is to view profiles from the team perspective.

I would have no hesitation in recommending i3 to any Coach looking to offer something new to their clients. I would also recommend it to organisations, wanting to increase self-awareness across individuals and teams.”

Alastair Lambie, Your Content Goes Here

“I always use the i3 profiling when I employ staff.  It helps me understand how they work and how to line-manage them to make sure that they are able to give their best selves to the role.” 

David Lovatt, Taclus Confidential

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