Covid-19 caused grief for some, hardship to many and exceptional change for us all.

On 14th April 2020, we launched our i3 Gifting Hope campaign, which aimed to give back and uplift those struggling to cope with the uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We recognised that not everyone copes well working from home; not everyone enjoys being furloughed; business owners were struggling with many aspects of the situation, so we set out to help. A number of our fantastic i3 coaches volunteered their time to analyse the assessments, prepare the report, and deliver the 1-2-1 feedback.

“I was speaking to more and more people right at the start of lockdown who were just so uncertain and worried about their future which was leading to poor self-confidence. Knowing how powerful i3 can be in simply allowing an individual to step back, become more aware of their unique strengths and ultimately build self-confidence, I knew our wonderful community of coaches could help with this specific challenge and the gifting hope campaign was born.” ~ Grant Henderson, i3 Co-founder

Fast forward three months and we’ve delivered numerous “i3 gifts” – totalling almost 50 hours of volunteered coaching time – and we have had some fabulous feedback from the applicants:

“After the feedback session I felt motivated and positive about where I am in my life and instead of focusing on the areas in which I feel I am lacking or comparing myself to others, I am now able to concentrate on my strengths and use them more proactively moving forward.” ~ EW

“I experienced several light-bulb moments. Understanding and affirming my strong indicators and knowing what to watch out for will be extremely helpful in making personal and business decisions” ~ DS

“I got so much out of the session, understanding why I have responded to the current situation in the way I have and also understanding why I am feeling more focussed in the last week or so” ~ KF

The mix of applicants ranged from people in career transition to business owners and those on furlough. All agreed that their experience with i3 was a positive and uplifting one.

“I found it very insightful and it disclosed my true traits and personality. i3 is an excellent tool in understanding myself, my strengths and weaknesses and what to work on, and watch out for.” ~ VK

What did the i3 Gifting Hope Campaign entail?

We offered the “gift of hope and connection” – #i3giftinghope – through a FREE profile assessment and follow up consultation feedback with one of our i3 Accredited REAL Coaches to anyone who may be struggling during the uncertain times.

What the applicants received:

  • A free i3 profiling personality assessment, which identifies your individual instinctive indicators and productive environment.
  • 1 hour follow up call (call/zoom/skype) with an accredited i3 REAL coach to discuss your profile results and next steps.
  • Uplifting connection and FREE coaching.
  • No catch. No upsell.

“Scarily insightful and sensitively delivered. I feel validated and ready to tackle my next opportunity.” ~ LGG, Ward Sister

What has been delivered will continue to impact these individuals greatly, so we’d like to take this opportunity to once again thank all the coaches who volunteered their time to conduct the 1-2-1 feedback.

“As a coach who gets her energy from connecting with and helping others I have found the gifting hope campaign has probably given me as much, if not more than the recipients. The renewed sense of purpose has lifted me, given me perspective and definitely kept me on the mental straight and narrow during these crazy times” ~ Alice Carroll, i3 Accredited REAL Coach.

Applications for i3 Gifting Hope are now closed but if you feel you would benefit from an i3 profiling assessment, contact one of our accredited coaches here.