Today we are celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Day 2021!

Now more than ever could we all use a little more kindness in our lives. This annual tradition of celebrating kindness is so important to uphold as scientific evidence shows us the positive effects of doing kind acts for one another as well as receiving or even witnessing kindness.

2021’s theme is focussing on encouraging everyone to Explore the Good and Make Kindness the Norm.

Here at i3 we believe that each of us can help others through acts of kindness by sharing our natural gifts and celebrating the gifts in others.

What are our natural gifts?

Our natural gifts come in the form of 7 instinctive personality traits that every one of us possess.

  • Perceiving – intuition & foresight
  • Practical – hands-on & conscientious
  • Enterprising – generosity & common sense
  • Enquiring – thirst for knowledge and objectivity
  • Promoting – vocally confident & encouraging
  • Organising – facilitating others
  • Responding – empathetic & caring

Even though we all possess these instinctive behaviours, how dominant or subtle each trait is to us has influence over our behaviour and is individual to each of us. Meaning that these natural gifts within our nature create a unique combination for each person and so, we are all unique in our own wonderful way.

What impact does being authentic to our natural gifts have on us personally and in our careers?

Being authentic to our natural gifts can benefit not only our personal relationships but also our careers. In order to be authentic, you must be true to yourself and those around you. This can be achieved by working on self-awareness and looking inwards to develop around your gaps and enhance your strengths. Greater self-awareness allows you to continually consider where you are most likely to thrive within a project or on a certain task. You can become more productive by knowing both your strengths and weaknesses. It is important to keep working on areas of weakness as a healthy discipline, but it is when we are doing something that is utilising our greatest strengths that we really thrive. When you take this concept a step further and become more socially aware, you start to understand how best to work with those around you. When everyone is united on a project, utilising their individual strengths and delegating what they are less effective at, you get to dream team status. Do this often enough and you will progress your career as well as enhance the success of any team you are a part of.

Harness the power of your own natural gifts

As we are all unique others may not be as instinctively gifted as you in certain areas and vice versa. By showing compassion in the form of small acts of kindness we are harnessing the energy of our own gifts that may seem natural to us but not to others.

We encourage you today to support Random Acts of Kindness Day. No matter how big or small your act may be, you have the power to positively impact someone’s day simply by being kind.

Make sure you play your part in making kindness the norm by spreading it in the simplest of ways!

If you would like to find out how to increase awareness of your own natural gifts visit our website or have a free demo of our i3 personality profiling assessment.

“When we tune into kindness happening around us, the day seems a little bit brighter and the weeks seems a little more manageable.” Random Acts of Kindness Foundation