i3 gifting hope campaign supports Newcastle Eagles Community Foundation

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 i3 gifting hope campaign supports Newcastle Eagles Community Foundation. At the start of the pandemic we reached out to our community of i3 coaches to kick start our i3 gifting hope campaign.  We recognised that not everyone copes well working from home; not everyone enjoys being furloughed; business owners were struggling with many aspects of [...]

Agile Working, the Current Environment, and i3

By |2021-05-18T21:38:04+01:00October 16th, 2020|

The reality faced by organisations and business leaders today looks a lot different to this time last year when it comes to working spaces. With the ever-lingering threat of coronavirus, adaptations and transitions to a more agile workforce, workplace, and workflow is required. In this article, we’ll look at what this means for businesses and HR leaders as well as what part i3 profiling can play in the facilitating a “new normal”

How Self-Awareness Impacts Your Work

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Research carried out by the Korn Ferry Institute in 2013 found that “companies with higher rates of return on stock also have employees with few personal blind spots,” in other words they found a correlation between self-awareness in leaders and overall financial performance of the company. “Poor-performing companies’ employees were 79 percent more likely to [...]

Self Awareness: What is it and how to get it?

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Self-awareness ultimately contributes to a happy life.But what if you haven't thought much about these issues? What if you’re unsure of your strengths and weaknesses or what motivates you? What if you don’t know if your “wants” are your own or what you think “society” wants for you?In that case, you might want to get to know yourself better!

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